Self-Publishing: Accounting

This is the best account I've seen of  of the costs related to self-publishing I've seen.   I had a similar experience when I was working with my publisher to do the "Best of Your Square Life" and again when I was doing my runs of t-shirts a few years back.  I thought maybe my problem with small profit margins was scale, only printing a few hundred books and around around a hundred t-shirts at a time, but I think I was doing fairly well all considered.  If you get bored with large blocks of numbers, take a look at the "Combined Sales Scenarios" for the breakdown of percentage of books needed to sell before the break even point for an independent artist.  

Mastering Comics: coming soon

Jessica Able and Matt Madden just posted up that their follow up to "Drawing Words and Writing Comics" is set to come out soon.  Its one of few 'how-to' books that has been constantly useful and was a gigantic help when I started developing my comics classes.  Check their website as they have made it a constantly updated adjunct to their first book, with expanded sections and teaching resources.